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Stand up Paddle Boarding in Cabarete Bay- Liquid Blue Cabarete

Standup Paddle Boarding  in Cabarete is one of the greatest activities to do, and it could be done by the entire family who has what it takes to do it. SUP not only is a great activity but its also an amazing workout. Paddle Boarding is an all-body workout which has more than just the physical rewards, it can also restore your balance and calms your spirit.

SUP can be done in different ways, from Surfing to hydrofoil, flat water long-distance, and even SUP yoga.

Where  Can you SUP Surf in Cabarete?  SUP Surfing is a tricky sport to do. You must maintain balance not only on the board but while riding the wave. It is completely different than normal surfing since you also are grabbing a paddle at the same time.

In Cabarete, there are many spots where you could practice SUP surf. First, you have Encuentro Beach, one of the best places to go surfing on the entire north coast and in the Dominican Republic. Encuentro is highly populated with surfers and students, which is recommended to practice SUP outside the main area of the beach.

NOTE: You don’t want to try this sport in front of people due to the high risk of hitting someone, the SUP board is quite heavy and hard to maneuver it. If you’re not confident enough to handle the board, we will recommend you to stay away from the area.
The left of Cocopipe will be your best option to practice SUP in Encuentro. Fewer people and usually locals don’t go there. 

Kite Beach Reef: The reef of kite beach could be your second option, it around 200 meters paddle out, perfect to warm up before getting into the waves. The waves are quite good out there, the only problem of the Kite beach reef break is the corals, It can get really shallow on a low tide and you will not want to get hit by that coral.

SUP Surf in Cabarete Bay Area

Cabarete Bay Reef: The reef in Cabarete is quite far though perfect for SUP, has a great channel for you to get to the waves, it is located all the way to the right, you will notice an empty space where hardly any waves break and then a perfect left to ride. It is smooth and it is not a steep wave.

Flat water: If you want to have a family day and just be in tranquil flat waters than La Boca is your best choice. La boca is a river mouth, located 10 minutes out of town, perfect for SUP. You can go all the way to Sabaneta de Yasica if you’d like to. We would recommend you to take on a good amount of sunscreen because you will be fried by the sun if you don’t do so. If you’d like to get some good quality sunscreen we would recommend you to use SUN BUM the best sunscreen ‘’according to us’’ available at The Liquid Blue Shop.

The Butterfly Effect 2019, SUP in La Boca, Cabarete

SUP YOGA: You may be wondering What’s SUP YOGA??? As the name says it all is basically the act of doing Yoga while being on stand up paddleboard. It is way harder than you think. Imagine yourself doing yoga on land, looks quite hard right? Imagine being on top of a 9ft (2.74 m) board balancing yourself on top of the water and doing yoga poses. That’s why Audrey Meyer would be your best to take your first SUP YOGA lessons!

Audrey Meyer SUP Yoga class in Cabarete

Sunset SUP: This is not a different section of SUP but it is one of the best feelings when doing SUP. Getting to SUP in the relaxing bay area of Cabarete after the wind starts dying and seeing the orange, red & pink skies it is truly something to experience. After having a long day taking on to this experience it’s a memorable feeling.

The options for SUP are never-ending! Cabarete is just an amazing place who has it all, for you to have a blast whether is stand up paddleboarding alone, with your family & friends. Cabarete is suitable for anyone who is trying to develop any Sup skills, its all a matter of time and practice.
If you are coming to Cabarete and want to take on to some SUP adventures, LET US KNOW!


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