How to protect yourself from the Sun.


How to Proctect yourself from the Sun

Sun Bum Mineral Sunscreen, Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Model : Roberto Pereyra

You and your family just arrived at the warm Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic with the final destination of Cabarete, Puerto Plata. A town full of friendly people, beach vibes all day and astonishing blue skies, and don’t get me started on the amazing sunrises this beautiful place has to offer. In Cabarete you will be exposed to the sun most of the time, this being said you should wear sunscreen.

Cabarete one of the best places in the world, for people who are into watersports and relaxing for the rest of the day. A lot of people come to Cabarete unprepared. That could be with the wrong outfits for swimming or old fashion or even worst without sunscreen.

Getting sunscreen is an easy choice for most of the people.’’ just get the sunscreen with the highest SPF and you’ll be good for the rest of the day. Well… It is not that easy. Choosing the right sunscreen for you could be a little tricky. After reading this article you are going to be able to choose the right sunscreen for you, once you are in Cabarete.

The importance of using sunscreen: Most of you have heard  ‘’if you don’t use sunscreen you could get skin cancer’’ sadly but surely is just like that. Did you know 1 out of 5 Americans gets skin cancer due to sun exposure? It is that serious of an issue. That’s more than all the cancers combined!! A ridiculous 20% of the population will get it, and the number will keep increasing due to the Ultraviolet exposure of the sun and tanning beds.

Using sunscreen will decrease the risk of developing deadly cancer. You should use sunscreen daily, even when its cloudy outside. While kiteboarding in Cabarete or surfing is really important to use sunscreen, also make sure its waterproof. 

For those who like to keep looking young, sunscreen is a must. The number one cause of premature aging of the face is due to the ultraviolet exposure. By using sunscreen you are slowing down the process of wrinkles and leathery skin.

Luckily there is something very simple you could do. Just WEAR SUNSCREEN! Any sunscreen with the right SPF (sun protection factor) will do the job. In our case, we prefer Sun Bum. Sun Bum not only is a great sunscreen made without chemicals but their way of showing you the importance of protecting your skin and also enjoy every moment that life gives you make us follow their steps, sun bum is not just a sunscreen, is a lifestyle.

Use Sunscreen in Cabarete

Sun Bum UVA Rays graph

Where to get sunscreen? Head out to the Liquid Blue Shop in Cabarete, They are packed with Sun Bum,  the best sunscreen in the market ‘’according to us’’

You will find yourself with the exact sunscreen you need according to your skin color and skin type, sunscreen for the babies, who also have more sensitive skin than us the ‘’grown-ups’’
Baby Bum is what you’ll need! A plant-based sunscreen perfect for your loved ones.

All Sun Bum products are water-resistant for 80 minutes, which is more than enough for you to have a sick kite sesh or just have a stroll on the beach. After the 80 minutes, the SPF will downgrade little by little until 2 hours, after 2 hours you should re-apply sunscreen.

To also avoid a sunburn we would highly recommend covering with long sleeve Lycras if you’re heading to a water adventure. Sometimes when you are kiting in Cabarete 80 minutes won’t be enough for you to have a fun time. Youll be addicted to the perfect conditions that Cabarete brings to you.

How to relieve the pain of a sunburn

Leg Burn

We guess you didn’t read this article before coming to Cabarete and now you are TOASTED, and you are completely burned or somewhat something like the photo down below.

After the Sun there are some local ways you could fix your problem, could be by buying Aloe Vera in the supermarket or maybe in one of the local gift shops, a 1 Dollar investment that will relieve the pain instantly. The aloe vera though has a funny smell that might bother you while leaving it on for the rest of the night.

Sun Bum Aloe Spray

If you want to do it the right way we would highly recommend the ‘’Aloe Sray’’ with an exquisite aroma of cucumber that will relieve your pain and will give you a good night’s sleep scent.

Proof Eyewar- Liquid Blue Cabarete. Model: Amandine Dufau

Protect your eyes! Your skin is not the only part of your body in dangered, you’re eyes are also a huge factor you need to take on to consideration, protecting your eyes is just as important. Luckily in the Liquid Blue Shop, we have Proof Eyewear, a stylish biodegradable polarized glasses, with the touch of wood, that will be perfect for your days at the beach, avoiding the UV radiation, and the light reflecting from the water of the ocean. Proof has multiple designs for you to choose from most of them unisex and some specifically for women to wear. Proof is indeed our favorite eyewear company and that’s why we use them as well.

If you’re heading to the water for a kiteboarding or foiling session and want to protect your vision then, our Liquid Blue Shop has the new Amphibian Glasses, comfortable with a wide-angle view and a polarized lens that will protect you from the UV light.

Staying protected from the sun is a crucial thing to do especially if visiting an Island, like the Dominican Republic where the sun shines at all times.

We hope this guide has helped you to be aware of the responsibility you should take on yourself with the sun, to live longer, look younger and feel younger. It’s easy just…

Trust the Bum 

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