Why Cabarete is the perfect place to learn to surf


Why Cabarete is the perfect place to learn how to surf


Perfect is a big word for everyone, though it fits just right to describe that Cabarete is the perfect place to learn how to surf. 


Close your eyes and start describing a surfers paradise, after doing so, search for Cabarete in the Dominican Republic and tell me what’s the difference. 

Cabarete the famous beach groovy town in the North Shore of the Dominican Republic, famed for its people, its unique vibe and of course the perfect place to learn how to surf, Playa Encuentro.


Playa Encuentro is completely different from any other surfing beach you might know, it is the perfect place to have a sunrise surf session, a good laugh and in general, a good time. Encuentro is surrounded by almond trees that will give you the perfect shade to not get burned by the sun.


The reason why Playa Encuentro is the best place in the Dominican Republic to learn how to surf is because of the length of the beach and how the wave breaks. It allows everyone to have their own space and enjoy surfing to the fullest, remember to use sunscreen.

The surf points located in  Playa Encuentro are ideal for anyone, from beginners all the way to pro surfers.

Playa Encuentro is divided by different point breaks and they all have their unique way of riding the waves or specialty, this time I will give you a brief guide on why Playa Encuentro is the best to learn how to surf.

As I said before, Encuentro is a long beach with different breaks. Though the main place where you will be getting your first steps into surfing most likely will be Bobo’s Point located on the far right of the beach. It is the ideal spot to start your surfing lessons since you will be leveling up as you get better.

Roberto Pereyra Surfing, Bobo’s Point- Photo by Wolf Photographe

It has the perfect white water from the waves, strong enough to give you the right push to stand up. Also, it’s quite shallow and the instructors can give you a good push while standing. It also allows the student to stand if they fall down and then get back on the board.

PS: if you’re a beginner DO NOT GO TO THE PEAK! Even if you feel confident enough that you can take a big wave on your head, don’t do it. Being on a longboard and not knowing how 

As you start getting better than you can join the peak with more confidence and start catching your first waves! It’s not that hard, you just need some practice!

Then it’s your choice on where you’d like to surf after as long,  you are confident enough with your board and start doing turns. Most of the spots in Encuentro will depend on the swell’s direction, and most likely it will depend on the season as well. To simplify it, Winter Season/ Hurricane Season =  North Swells, which most likely mean, waves get bigger. Summer season = East swells, small waves  + Strong winds! Ideal to learn Kiteboarding!

Luckily in Encuentro has an extended line of surf schools with all the equipment, you need to get you started, and if you are already advanced with all the equipment you need to rent a board of any kind. From Long-boards to fishtail boards, shortboards, and even bodyboards if that’s your thing.


Surfing in Cabarete

Papito Santana & Luis Miguel Almeyda, Pauhana Surf School. Photo by Myriam Lyndom

Out of all the schools in Playa Encuentro, our Current favorite is Pauhana. Pauhana is the ideal school to bring your family, your friends and also becoming friends with instructors. I won’t get tired of saying that the instructors of pauhana are the most chill dudes you’ll ever meet and cool to hang out with. As you improve your surfing skills in playa Encuentro you will be joining the peak with them, as long you respect the rules and of course the locals. 


Once you go to Encuentro and you encounter yourself with good people and you get to surf your body out, you may want to dig in on some delicious food. Thankfully Encuentro has it all! That being said Playa Encuentro has it’s own mini ‘‘shak’’ restaurant with a good variety of food including some vegan options, perfect to fuel yourself and go back to the water!


It all depends on what you’re feeling like! 


Overall Cabarete is unlike any other town with a tight community willing to help anyone who visits Cabarete and make sure everyone gets an unforgettable experience.

If you’d like to know more about Cabarete or have any questions before visiting us don’t bother to contact us and we will gladly get back to you!


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