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Mark Zuckerberg Hydrofoils in Hawaii during global lockdown and its awesome!


Hydrofoiling is the future and the future is now- Charles Ă–sterlund The foiling world continues to grow as not only the day to day john doe and weekend warriors join the revolution though some of the biggest names on earth such as Mark Zuckererg begin to learn. In the image we have no other than the co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg catching some Hawaiian swell on a hydrofoil. This photo is rad for various reasons though the main reason for us is simple… He is wearing protective equipment! The majority of people hate protective equipment for the simple reason that it is not stylish. Most people rather look stylish then safe and we cannot deny that sometimes we ourselves are like this. Wearing protective gear is bulky and takes away a little of the “freedom”. When people begin hydrofoiling regardless …

How To Protect Your Foil ft Charles Osterlund – Cabarete, Dominican Republic


Hey guys ! Charles Osterlund here with Liquid Blue Cabarete in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. A lot of people have been asking how I protect my foil while travelling, transporting it, moving around and this is the answer. A lot of brands have been coming out with this foil cover/protector. Some people just cover the front wing, this is a full cover. As you can see in the video it covers everything and that is the perfect way to bring your foil anywhere you want. There is also a protector for your mast… Personally I don’t really think I need it since I don’t transport it that much. I hope this video has helped you and see you on the water! Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoyed our video! For any idea or questions you may have, comment …

Comparison between the 4.2/5/6 m Swing – Cabarete, Dominican Republic


Hi everyone, Welcome back to our blog! Here is a little comparison between the biggest wings on the F-One range. There is about six wings in the line up, and the ones we are comparing today are the biggest ones. All seems the perfect fit for our conditions here in Cabarete and could be used all the way to 25 knots. It all depends with what gear you match it with and the conditions of your home spot. For more detailed infos, watch the video : ) Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoyed our video! For any idea or questions you may have, comment in the section below or email us at [email protected]! If you want to stay up to date with our content – subscribe to our YouTube and check us out on: Instagram: @lbcabarete Facebook: …